Data Protection Policies


This privacy policy for the protection of personal data in the field of the web

Portal and mobile applications describes the treatment that our company provides to the personal data that it collects from the users of our web portal and mobile applications of the company. Said policy comforms to the provisions contained in the personal data protection law no 29733, its regulatrions and the information security directive issued bye the competent authority.


For purposes of visiting our web portal and our mobile applications, the client does not have the obligation to provide personal data.

However ,for cases in which you submit requests Access services that the company provides by said means,among others ,it is possible that it requires specific and necessary personal information for said purpose.

Such information may include the name, identity document number or Passport in case of being a foreigner email adress and telephone strictly necessary, the company may require other personal data.


The fillingo of the forms that our web portal or mobile applications require for the purposes of submitting applications, Access to services promoted by the company,represents the express consent of the owner for the collection of their personal data and for their treatment for the specific purposes that prompted their collection.


The personal data that the user provides must be, under his responsability,true, complete, exact, current and correspond to his true identity.

Any type of damage or loss, directo r indirect arising for the company oro for third parties as a resulto f partial or total breach of the obligation referred to in the previous point, Will be the sole and exclusive responsibility  of the user who provided the information.


The personal data provided Will be processad solely for the specific purpose for which they were provided.

The company Will not use the user´s personal data for any purpose other than that expressly provided for in this privacy policy, unless it is a purpose expressly permitted or required by current applicable regulations or that company has previously collected the due consent of the user.

The company Will not share or transfer to third parties any personal data of the user without the prior and express consent of the latter, except when said communication is required by current legislation, by  court order or by competent authority.


The company reserves the right to modify its privacy policy for the protection of personal data in the field of the web portal and mobile applications, as well as the notice through which it is disclosed, in order to adapt it to the changes that may occur .require the corrent regulatory framework.

It is the user´s responsibility to stay informend of said pólicy, for the purposes of which,each time you use oue web portal or mobile applications,you must consult our privacy policy notice for the protection of personal data within the scope of the portal.web and mobile applications.

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